The Project

The Compete-In  project deals with the internationalization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and territories. This is a key issue for SMEs growth at global scale, since there are still relevant weaknesses,  including high investments required and uncertainty of investments’ effectiveness.

Compete-In promotes the improvement of regional policies on internationalization through the identification and dissemination of new approaches to support successful SMEs’ engagement in international markets. 

The project looks to enhance the effectiveness of regions and cities as facilitators of internationalization processes acting as governance actors and enablers for a range of local stakeholders who cooperate to make territories and not just single SMEs to go international.



How it works

The project deploys a new methodology: approaching internationalization not by addressing uniquely SMEs, but by addressing the regional systems of distinctive competences.

Compete-In is also engaged in facilitating the exchange of good practices and transfer of knowledge among the partners’ territories about internationalization, focusing in particular on penetration of territories, attraction of economic and social resources and creation of international partnerships.

The expected outcomes of the project are improvements of internationalization policies and the creation of local cooperation processes making all relevant stakeholders (SMEs, universities/research centres, trade associations, Chambers of Commerce, local/regional governments) acting as part of a regional system to be internationalized.



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