International Tricolour Games in Reggio Emilia

From 7 to 13 July, the sixth edition of International Tricolour Games was held in Reggio Emilia thanks to EXPOSPORT European Project.

EXPOSPORT wants to promote sports, gender equality and social inclusion as vehicles to support friendship, solidarity between peoples and the knowledge of new and different cultures. The project helps the diffusion of volunteering, respect of human rights and access to sport for everyone. In 2018, for the sixth edition of International Tricolor Games, 3000 athletes between the ages of 14 and 18 will participate from thirteen European countries and seven non-EU countries including: Mozambique, Palestine, Israel, South Africa, China, Saharawi Republic and United States of America. All of these countries have been linked to the territory of Reggio Emilia by institutional, economic, cultural and friendship relations for decades.

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